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1/17/2011 5:00:00 PM CENTRAL
Updated: 1/17/2011 6:27:13 PM CENTRAL
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NCH earns Level III perinatal status to care for newborns of any gestational age
Northwest Community Hospital has been designated as a Level III perinatal facility by the Illinois Department of Public Health, allowing the Arlington Heights hospital to care for premature infants of any gestational age. The hospital’s new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides the most advanced care available to critically ill newborns.

No longer do tiny preemies and women experiencing high-risk pregnancies need to go elsewhere for medical care. Mom and baby can stay close to home and get compassionate, expert care from board-certified neonatologists and specialists who are also on staff at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

“In the past we could only care for babies who were at least 30 weeks gestation, but now any gestational age is fine, including triplets and quadruplets,” said Cindy Hartwig, director of Women’s and Children’s Services. “We’ve put a lot of work behind our new Level III status, and we’re proud to offer this exceptional level of care.”

The requirements of a Level III NICU include 24/7 neonatology, maternal fetal medicine program, pediatric surgeons, neonatal pharmacist, neonatal respiratory therapists, social worker, discharge planner and a follow-up clinic. At NCH, families also benefit from the warm and nurturing environment of a community hospital.

“The ability to keep mom and baby together right here – for them to have that bonding time without the need to transfer the baby to another hospital – is so important to the family,” Hartwig said.

Each year, NCH delivers approximately 3,000 babies. The hospital’s 16-bed NICU, which opened in May 2010 with the nine-story South Pavilion addition, features all-private rooms – a rare benefit in newborn intensive care. The quiet surroundings promote faster healing and growth, and a more comfortable hospital stay. The private rooms also provide space for a parent to spend the night next to their baby.

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