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2/7/2011 12:00:00 PM CENTRAL
Updated: 5/9/2011 5:11:54 PM CENTRAL
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Affinity Healthcare is now NCH Medical Group in integrated system of care
Northwest Community Hospital and Affinity Healthcare LLC launched a partnership in September to create a coordinated system of care. To further demonstrate the connection between these partners, Affinity today has been renamed NCH Medical Group, and has adopted a corresponding logo as well.

The name change will not affect a patient’s relationship with their physician, the insurance plans accepted, office hours or a patient’s choice of specialists and hospitals. Billing services also will remain the same.

What will change for patients in the NCH Medical Group is convenient access to more specialties and services. Two new specialties recently were added to the practice – rheumatology and endocrinology. And more healthcare services and new office locations are in the works.

“It all adds up to a better patient experience for those who were with Affinity Healthcare,” said NCH’s Michael Hartke, executive vice president, Clinics and Regional Services. “We’re talking about easier navigation within our healthcare system, and a higher level of care.”

The goal behind NCH’s integrated system of care is to deliver exceptional results to patients every time, every day, at every location and in every interaction. NCH is leveraging the experience, knowledge and strengths of all involved to achieve this common objective. The system offers improved access to diagnostic imaging, lab and immediate care services as well as an advanced level of care should hospital services be needed.

“This is especially important for patients requiring several physicians to be involved in a particular health matter,” Hartke said. “Everyone is working off the same playbook, resulting in better and faster care. For example, a lab test becomes part of the system, available anywhere, so another one shouldn’t be needed.”

The former Affinity Healthcare group was the first physician practice to partner with NCH. As NCH works to expand hospital-physician integration over the next few years, additional doctor groups in the community will become part of the NCH Medical Group.

Learn more about the NCH Medical Group by visiting www.nchmedicalgroup.com. Community members who need to find a trusted physician can quickly be directed to one by visiting www.nch.org/doctors or by calling HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).