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12/14/2007 6:00:00 PM CENTRAL
Updated: 12/20/2007 2:37:22 PM CENTRAL
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Foglias make major financial gift to Northwest Community's Patient Care Addition
The Northwest Community Hospital Foundation has received a significant lead gift from Vincent and Patricia Foglia of North Barrington for the hospital’s Patient Care Addition that currently is under construction. The Foglias have been active philanthropists for years, but decided not to publicly disclose the amount of their financial contribution to the Arlington Heights hospital.

“We are deeply honored that upstanding civic leaders such as Vince and Pat Foglia chose to give to Northwest Community,” said NCH Foundation Executive Director David Ungurean. “It will help us make a great healthcare facility even better.”

The new building, which will feature 200 private patient rooms and expanded Emergency Department, is scheduled for completion in late 2009. It will be a model for patient safety, compassionate care, family comforts and advanced technologies. A waiting area in the new Emergency Department will be named after the Foglias.

Vince Foglia is co-founder and CEO of Sage Products, a healthcare products company in Cary. The Foglias are known locally for establishing the Foglia YMCA in Lake Zurich.

“Northwest Community Hospital is one of the top medical centers in the Chicago area,” Vince Foglia said. “We are proud to support such a progressive hospital that puts the patient first.”

While raising their family in Arlington Heights, the Foglias lived near the hospital from 1973 to 1985. Northwest Community became not only their family’s hospital, but a customer of Sage Products as well. Sage has sold patient care products to Northwest Community for more than three decades.

The Foglias chose to put their gift toward the Patient Care Addition in part because of their longstanding connection to the organization. But they also appreciate the hospital’s commitment to outstanding patient care and evidence-based medicine. Many features of the new building are based on research into the best ways to reduce infection, promote healing and improve patient outcomes. Sage’s products have the same purpose, specifically designed to prevent infection and other serious complications often associated with inpatient stays.

For more information on the latest developments at Northwest Community Hospital, visit the hospital’s website at www.nch.org.