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Abdullah, Fizan, MD, PhD
Pediatric Surgery 312-770-4210
Abern, Steven B., MD
Pediatric Neurology 847.823.1001
Abraham, Malik, DPM
Podiatry 847-870-4200
Abraham, Saju, MD
Neurology 847-618-5075
Abtahi, Mohammad, MD
Pediatrics 847.375.0888
Ahluwalia, Mukesh, MD
Pulmonology 847.376.8969
Ahmed, Fiaz, MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Ahmed, Kabir, MD
Internal Medicine 630.373.1660
Ahmed, Khursheed, MD
Internal Medicine 847.783.4800
Ahmed, Seema, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) 847-439-1894
Ahmed, Syed ., MD, CPE, MMM, CPPS
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Ahn, Catherine, MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Ahn, Chong H., MD
Internal Medicine 847.253.5985
Ahn, Helen, MD
Urology 847.259.2410
Ahsan, Mohammad, MD
Anesthesiology and Pain Management 847.255.0900
Aki, Robert H., MD
General Surgery 847-255-3338
Albers, Theresa M., DDS
Dentistry 847.705.7690
Albert, Brian , MD
Cardiovascular Disease 847.618.2500
Albion, Timothy, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology 847.221.4900
Alexander, Bonita S., MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.631.5664
Ali, Mohammed, MD
Psychiatry 847.749.1435
Ali-Nazimuddin, Aliya, DO
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 847.686.3456
Al-Massalkhi, Mohamad, MD
Pulmonology 847.240.9500
Alter, Daniel C., MD
Ophthalmology 847.394.3933
Amakye, Barbara, M.D.
Pediatrics 847-618-6400
Ammar, Alia Nadia, PhD
Neurophysiology 847-282-4421
Anderson, Daniele, MD
Neurology 847.882.6604
Anderson, Deidre J., MD
Pediatrics 847.253.3600
Anderson, Lori L., MD
Gynecology 847.221.4400
Andressakis, Chrisoula, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.631.5664
Ansari, Sameer A., MD
Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology 847.618.5879
Aqueel, Jabeen, MD
Family Medicine 847.359.3400
Aranas, Japhlet, MD
Immediate Care 847.540.8088
Aranas, Rosalyn, MD
Neurology 847.929.4420
Arigovindan, Sakthikarpagam, MD
Immediate Care 847.540.8088
Armenia, Michele J., MD
Gynecology 847.221.4900
Arndt, Andrew T., MD
Thoracic 847-618-3800
Arora, Ashish K., MD
Gastroenterology 847.290.3800
Artinian, Gary, MD
Internal Medicine 847.297.7880
Askari, Ruhi, MD
Internal Medicine 847.870.0506
Askenazi, Noga, MD
Allergy and Immunology 847.888.8802
Asokan, Vanitha, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.631.5664
Atluri, Prasant, MD
Orthopedics 847.956.0099
Auerbach, Larry A., MD
Ophthalmology 847.459.8575
Aung, Soe, MD
Neurology 734-213-3920
Awadallah, Nancy S., MD
Internal Medicine 847.813.3255
Awatramani, Manoharlal, MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Axe, Howard, MD
Internal Medicine 847.590.1515
Ayzenberg, Leonid, MD
Ophthalmology 847-537-6800
Backer, Carl L., MD
Cardio/Thoracic/Vascular Surgery 312.227.4240
Badawi, David, MD
Ophthalmology 224.735.2016
Baker, Jeffrey, DPM
Podiatry 847.390.7666
Baker, Richard, DO
Internal Medicine 847.719.2220
Baker, Stephanie, MD
Pediatrics 847.670.4545
Bakken, C. David, MD
Infectious Diseases 847.253.6464
Bala, Massarat A., MD
Internal Medicine 847.359.3400
Balaney, Subhash, MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Balaram, Ajay, MD
Orthopedics 847.956.0099
Banias, Pandelis D., MD
Internal Medicine 847.316.4455
Bank, Bruce B., MD
Hematology and Oncology 847.870.4100
Barker, Jonathan, MD
Interventional Radiology 847.618.5850
Barnett, Sean, MD
General Surgery 847-618-3800
Baronofsky, Hyim J., DPM
Podiatric Surgery 847-253-6464
Bartels, Stephanie, MD
Internal Medicine 847.342.8220
Bartolone, Robert S., DO
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Bass, Amee, MD
Pediatrics 847.499.3070
Bass, Lee M., MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology 773.880.4354
Bauer, Michael, MD
Cardiovascular Disease 847.618.2500
Beaty, Eileen, MD
Pediatrics 847.913.9120
Beckemeier, David B., MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Bedingfield, Bruce, DO
Pediatrics 847.839.0400
Behara, Ami S., MD
Gastroenterology 847-725-8640
Behara, Venkata, MD
Nephrology 847.439.8780
Belcher, Brooke A., MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.285.4200
Beltsos, Angeline, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology 847.998.8200
Bennett, Andrea D., MD
OB/GYN Hospitalist 847.618.8400
Bennett, Joann, DO
Internal Medicine and Pulmonology 224-770-2489
Benson, Aaron, MD
Gastroenterology 847-725-8640
Benuck, Russell, MD
Orthopedics 847.285.4200
Beraki, Mussie, M.D.
Nephrology 847-996-0836
Bergin, Christopher, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery 847.698.9330
Berki, Zafeer, MD
Psychiatry 630-924-1160
Berkowicz, Yechiel N., MD
Internal Medicine 847.577.9300
Berkowitz, Michael, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.631.5664
Bernsen, Mitchell, MD
Gastroenterology 847.439.1005
Bernstein, Andrew, MD
Pediatrics 847.913.9120
Bernstein, Matthew, MD
Orthopedics 847.285.4200
Bernstein, Richard A., MD
Neurology 312.695.8143
Bhat, Rukhmi, MD
Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology 773.880.4074
Biafora, Sam, MD
Orthopedics 847.956.0099
Bikshorn, Barry H., MD
Neurology 847.882.6604
Bilandzic, Miro, MD
Anesthesiology 847.255.8662
Bilimoria, Malcolm, MD
General Surgery 847-483-9400
Birman, Michael, MD
Orthopedics 847.956.0099
Blachut, Tina, DO
Family Medicine 847.795.0900
Bleasdale, Thomas, MD
Internal Medicine 847-253-0988
Blendonohy, Peter M., DO
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 847.776.1400
Blodgett Dycus, Christina J., PhD
Psychology 847.469.7537
Boas, Steven, MD
Pediatric Pulmonology
Bobba, Anna, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology 847.808.7070
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